Dr. U. Gauthamadas MD PhD DPM DCBD: Leading Neuro Psychiatrist in Chennai

Ranked among best in India by Times of India - 2017 & 2018 Acknowledged as the "Most Trusted Neuro Psychiatrist of the year" 2017


Gauthamadas Udipi is a professor of psychiatry, specialist in Neuro Behavioual Medicine,anexpert in psycho social interventions in disasters, educator, and renowned psychiatrist in Chennai, India.


He was conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, by the Indian Medical Association, the largest single body of doctors in the world, for his contribution to psychosocial interventions in disasters, public awareness on mental health, medical education, and service to the community.

Other awards bestowed on Dr. Gautham include:

He has recently been elected as a member of the Mental Health Stigma section of the World Psychiatric Association.

Docgautham’s Neuro Centre, the neuro-behavioural medicine clinic, founded by him in 1988, has been ranked 15th among Neuroscience Centers in South India, and 7th in the metropolis of Chennai, by the Times of India    National Hospital Survey 2017.