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Here you can find reviews of Dr. Gauthamadas’ expert consultation for psychological and behavioral disorders, in child, old age, adult, husband-wife problem, love, relationship, stress etc., to clients all over India and around the world.

Abdul Munaf from Saudi Arabia says

Congrats Dr! I came in a marooned stage. My condition was so piteous. I was severely affected by high phobia and depression. Like a peeled onion my problem was solved layer by layer to null by Dr. Gautham. He was very kind and very dedicated to my improvement. Now I am like a bird freed from a cage. I pray for the health of Dr. Gautham so that he can save patients suffering like me. Hail Dr. Gautham. Long live. February 2015

Aarthi Chauhan, Banking executive, Chennai says

I was feeling low and sad for around 4 years. Small things would make me cry. Work politics and people’s rudeness used to overwhelm me to a great extent and my family life was impacted. I would eat in binges and put on 15 Kg in a few months. I tried treatment from various doctors, homeopaths, and Ayurveda in various cities in India without any improvement. Within just 5 days treatment by Dr. Gautham has controlled my eating. I am able to handle unpleasant facts of life. It feels good to feel normal and enjoy life again. Thanks to Dr. Gautham for helping me out. (29 May 2011)

I came here one month back and within 15 days I saw a lot of change in my sister. With kind perseverance Dr. Gautham has always listened to her ailments. He spends a lot of time to analyze his patients, which is becoming rare nowadays. He has been our guiding star. And to add upon Madam has given wonderful counseling. This is really comprehensive treatment. February 2015

Vijay Prabhakar, H R Consultant, Chennai says

Coming to Dr. Gautham has probably been the best thing I have done. It has made me realize a lot of things which I was unclear about. My drinking drug habit of 20 years is now stopped and it has been 15 months now (Sep 2011). I feel much more energetic and my motivation levels are high. I would recommend Dr. Gautham to anyone I know facing problems.


Nandakumar, Software engineer, Chennai, India says


I consulted Dr. Gauthamadas for my mother who was suffering from lack of sleep, a little bit of disturbed mind, repeated single thoughts and depression. Dr. Gautham’s treatment is very efficient and effective and helped my mother recover from this difficult situation of long duration. I could see my mother recovering quickly within two weeks and I could see the improvement in her attitude with the help of the medicines prescribed.


Manimaran University teacher, Chidambaram says

I brought my brother to the doctor in a disturbed mental condition. He was shot with a country gun and suffered a mental breakdown from the stress. He could not sleep during the night. He kept blabbing to take revenge on the unknown killer. Dr. Gautham made a proper diagnosis and gave treatment. Slowly and steadily over the next four months my brother became normal. In addition his alcohol and smoking habits have also been stopped with the treatment. Now he is happy with wife and children. We are thankful and grateful to the doctor who gave the correct treatment.


Sivaraman B., Businessman, Chennai, India says

Very good progress seen in overall behaviour of my teenage son after starting treatment. In fact quite astonishingly his violence has completely stopped and he is near normal now within two weeks. We are continuing the medicines prescribed.

Jagannathan, Agriculturist, from Panrutti says

My daughter is gradually recovering from anger, tension, and depression of very long duration. Now she is calm and controlled. I thank Dr. Gautham who has treated her with a smile.


Shivam, Marketing executive, Chennai says:

I had come (to Dr. Gautham’s Neuro Centre) in a pathetic state. But, in a short span of time I am able to take responsibilities and am looking for growth in my career. I now understand my illness (BPAD), my wife understands me, and my in-laws are supportive after Dr. Gautham explained the disorder to them. I thank Dr. Gautham for the same.


Anjali Sinha, Jharkand, India says

I am extremely thankful to you for your immediate response to my request for help about my husband (who suffers from severe claustrophobia). I will follow your advice and try my best to support him. If I have any doubt I will definitely e-mail you and act as per your advice. I once again thank you so much..


Periathambi, Former Company Chairman, Salem, says

Dr. Gautham’s prescription cured my sleep disturbance and fatigue very quickly. I am continuing the medicines and feeling rejuvenated.

Muralimanohar Mudaliar, Namakkal, India says:

I am pretty happy with your (online) counseling and I am planning you meet you in person ASAP. Thanks.

Madhu Tambe, Bombay, India says: 

I got all the best possible answers for all of my questions regarding insomnia that I asked for, with the proper guidelines to solve the problem.

Golaka Acharya, Orissa, says:

Obeisance. A lot many thanks. I must not forget you and your advice.

Murali from Neyveli says:

I am Fine, and a lot of thanks for your pleasant and confident treatment. I have recovered and am normal. Once again I thank you sir. July 2012

Bijli, from Oregon USA says

Dear sir, Thanks a lot for your response It was really helpful…. now I am at least clear of whats happening within me… now I’m feeling more relaxed..  I’m feeling refreshed too… now I feel confident to move on with my life… Thanks a lot sir. .

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