Comprehensive treatment for adults / children / elderly (behavioural disorders, anxiety, depression, stress, hysteria, anger, addiction etc), by leading expert with 30+ years of experience & training at best centers.


Learn How the Brain creates the Mind (Video)

People seek mental health consultation for a variety of reasons; for themselves or their families; for home or work relationship issues; for persistently feeling uncomfortable or on edge; for personal tragedy, long-lasting discouragement, or depression; for child or teen behavior or discipline issues; for adult behaviour problems including stress; anxiety; anger; depression; low self-esteem; tension; alcohol / drug addiction; and many other reasons.

Disorders of thinking and behavior are biological and treatable. They are not related to your character. You cannot overcome them through will power, Yoga, Meditation etc. They are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain and are like Diabetes of the mind.

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Watch Dr. Gautham's informative serial on Mental Health During the CoVid Lockdown (Tamil)

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