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Expert treatment for mental health disorders of adults and children (anxiety, depression, stress, hysteria, anger, behavioural addiction, dyslexia, ADHD, autism, dementia, memory disorders, child behaviour problems) in Chennai under personal care of Doc. Gauthamadas, with 30+ years of experience & trained at best centers in India and UK. Rated best psychiatrist with 1500+ 5 star patient reviews. Comprehensive care under one roof including psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, counselling, psychological testing, CBT, cognitive therapy including medicines dispensed . Careful monitoring and follow up for best results and aiming to provide full functionality within three weeks. On-line consultation available.For appointment call +91 95661 33660

Doc. Gauthamadas has  30 + years experience in the field of psychiatry, in the treatment of adults and children with depression, anxiety, and all kinds of behavioural problems and addictions including alcohol, internet, gambling etc. He has treated patients from all over India and in other countries including Dubai, Sri Lanka, UK, European Union and USA. and gained expertise in diagnosing and treating various mental health conditions.

Doc. Gauthamadas is a highly qualified doctor and psychiatrist with specialized training at Top hospitals in Asia and UK. He is also a Professor of Psychiatry and has headed Departments of Mental Health and Psychiatry at reputable medical institutions.

He has received recognition from the Governments of India, Tamilnadu, and Telengana for his work. His awards include the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Indian Medical Association (2015), the Times Healthcare Legend Award (2018), the Indywood Healthcare Excellence Award (Govt. of Telengana 2018), Most Trusted Neuropsychiatrist Award (Rising Leadership Awards 2017), Chennai Healthcare Leadership Award.

Doc Gautham’s Neurocentre has been ranked among the top centres for neuroscience and psychiatry in India for 6 consecutive years from 2017 to 2023.

Doc Gautham’s Neuro Centre has received 1500+ Positive Patient Reviews from satisfied patients who have had successful outcomes under Dr. Gauthamadas’ care and have recommended him as the best psychiatrist in Chennai. Positive testimonials and recommendations from individuals who have experienced significant improvements in their mental health have contributed to his reputation.

Doc. Gautham is well known for hhis strong clinical skills empathy, active listening, and for his ability to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment, where patients feel comfortable sharing their concerns.

He adopts a holistic approach considering not only medication but also therapy, lifestyle changes, and other complementary treatments, that are viewed as a positive aspect by patients seeking comprehensive care (supported by reviews).

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