People seek mental health / psychiatric consultation for a variety of reasons; for themselves or their families; for home or work relationship issues; for feeling uncomfortable or on edge; for personal tragedy, long-lasting discouragement, or depression; for child or teen behavior or discipline issues; for adult behavior problems; anxietyangerdepression; low self-esteem; stress, tension; alcohol / drug addiction; and many other reasons.

Dr. Gautham’s Neurocenter offers a range of comprehensive, and easily accessible Neuro Psychiatric services for persons of all ages. Services available include:

Dr. Gauthamadas is available for consultation for a wide range of mental health and neuro psychiatric issues.

There are several ways to access Dr. Gautham.


Call the clinic mobile number
+91 95661 33660

between 9 am and 9 pm and fix an appointment.

If this line is busy or not accesable please try our other numbers

+91 44 42859822

+91 98410 10197

If these lines are also not accesable please leave a message though our contact page requesting an appointment and we will respond at the earliest.