Gauthamadas Udipi Community Service

Community Service

Dr. Gautham has been contributing extensively to community well being since 1979 when, as a medical student, he became involved in Rotary International’s Red Measles immunization drive in Chennai.

A polio survivor himself, he was then involved in Rotary International’s Polio immunization drive from its inception. He probably has the international distinction of being the person who has himself administered the polio vaccine to the most number of children.

He has also actively provided pro-Bono service to free medical camps in various under privileged communities and villages since 1988 through the Adiparasakthi Cultural, Medical and Educational Trust, on a weekly basis. He has conducted numerous health camps for the rural underprivileged since 1990 in collaboration with Rotary Clubs. His community service has benefited tens of thousands of needy people.

Dr. Gautham has been campaigning for awareness on Learning Disorders, and was instrumental in introducing concessions for students with Learning Disability at Madras University in 2004, a provision that has benefited thousands of students.



He is passionate about Education of the Girl Child and has been facilitated sponsorship of education of more than 100 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds every year since 2004 in collaboration with various organizations.

An avid environmentalist he spearheaded the Environment Protection Project of Rotary clubs in Dist 323 between 1991 and 1994 for which he was awarded the International Toothed Wheel prize by Rotary Club of Salzberg for the best environment protection project in the world minus the Americas.