Most trusted Neuro Psychiatrist

Most trusted Neuro Psychiatrist

Chennai-based professor of psychiatry and leading specialist in neurobehavioural medicine, Dr. U. Gauthamadas was presented the ‘Most Trusted Neuro-psychiatrist of the Year’ Award at the Rising Leadership Awards held in Goa on Friday.

The Rising Leadership Awards were instituted to recognise leaders who created and sustained entrepreneurial initiatives, developed best practices, and carved out powerful businesses in the corporate, hospitality, real estate, healthcare, education, and service sectors.

Dr. Gauthamadas Udipi, was a professor of psychiatry, a specialist in neurobehavioual medicine, and an expert in psychosocial interventions in disasters.

He was earlier conferred the lifetime achievement award by the Indian Medical Association, the largest single body of doctors in the world, for his contribution to psychosocial interventions in disasters, public awareness on mental health, medical education, and service to the community.