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Arun Agarwal:

I am Arun Agarwal from Assam, Tinsukia district. We came to Dr. Gautham Das long back. At that time I was in very bad health and could not lead a normal life. Within a short time of treatment with Dr. Gautham Das I became very normal. I have been leading a normal life and the medicines have been slowly reduced. Thanx to Dr. Gautham Das for helping us with his best treatments and coordinating with us regularly through the phone every month and also whenever we need him and being kind enough to coordinate to see us whenever we are in Chennai.

Thank you so much for always being there Wish U all the best in life and God bless U with lots of happiness always like what you have given us.


Rucmani Devi:

A couple of years ago,I was undergoing stress due to family problems, This led to tremendous change in my character.My anger level boosted up, I became very short tempered,I could not manage time,I could not concentrate on anything,my memory was very bad. I fortunately knew Dr.Gautamdas udipi through my family and was treated at the right time,Now I find the difference. Now after taking his medications I do not have negative feelings,I do not have any unwanted thoughts,my anger level has come down. Wherever I am, I owe my prayers to Dr.Gautamdas for refreshing my life


Muthu S:

We sincerely hope this review is useful for people with similar issues as we know how painful it is to see our loved ones suffer

Anger, Anxiety,stress due to normal social interactions ex:shopping, parking the car, illusions, unable to work,unable to take care of self, headache

We didn’t know what was the problem and visited various doctors and ended up without any solution,during this time we came across Dr.Gautham’s site in a online search and read more about it and visited the clinic

we took few tests as suggested by doctor and after looking at the report Dr prescribed few medicines and I travelled abroad, while taking these medicines symptoms reduced but still some symptoms prevailed.At one point symptoms got worse (I did not take medicines regularly in the first few weeks) I was almost immobile the whole family is devastated and spoke to the doctor over phone and he prescribed new medicines, this time the medicines helped recover me to normalcy, if it was not the medicines at the right time we couldn’t imagine what would have happened


I am taking new medicines for the third week now and feel much better already and we hope in few months I will back to my previous self Thanks to Dr Gautham.

Revathy Ramakrishnan:

I was argumentative, rude, and lying before meeting doctor. due to this behavior my marriage went for a toss and that led me into depression, tension, hatred in life and enmity towards others, esp mother in law. Since this made me do wrong things like taking things from others, telling lies for simple reasons. But now after my medication with doctor my behaviour has been changed all together. I am now submissive, calm, polite, obedient, truthful to my parents. Nowadays I don’t get any anger at all, no enmity to others. Henceforth I thank dr. gautham for his medication and guidance which made me up to this level. This is definitely the best treatment. I feel happy right now. I am confident that I will have a bright future. Thanking you doctor. you are the best.


Ramamoorthy Parthasarathy:

I would say that Dr. Gautham is a miracle. I tried various doctors for nearly a year for my wife’s condition but no one could diagnosed her. she kept getting worse. then I found Dr. Gautham. when we came to him I had no hope. she could not recognize our child and her behavior was uncontrollable. with the first visit he asked us to take a scan and xray and some tests. then he told us she had TB and started treatment. no one had identified it before in spite of many specialist consultations . after getting treatment with sir, she is entirely different. within just one month he made her normal. he is the best of the doctors after all these years of my experience.


Kevin Manoj Kumar:

We had started treatment with Dr.Gautham in Feb2015 for my Dad after suspecting a lot of Changes in many aspects of him.From being a very active and energetic person, he had become very weak, had balancing issues , sleep depriation etc.We got to know Dr.Gautham from one of my Cousins who helped us get to him.

We could see changes in my Dad within months after starting treatment and as days went by, there was a great positive impact on my Dad.

It has been 7 months and we are continuing the monthly reviews with the Doctor and the medicines. Steadily my Dad is returing to his Old Energetic self. We owe it to Dr.Gautham.

Elango Ravi:

I have had problems for the last 6 years and thought it was just ordinary problems in a marriage. I used to feel stressed and quarrel with my wife. Dr. Gautham listened to me and made me realize it was not normal. I have been undergoing treatment and counseling along with my wife which is very good My improvement has been good since I came here and I have become very productive. I do not feel stressed out any more and have developed a positive attitude.

Adrita Ghosh:

I came here in a devastated state. Thanks to doc Gautham. He could really understand my problem quickly and give the correct treatment. After taking medicines the treatment I felt a lot lot better. I am getting back to myself. Thanks a lot to dr gautham.

Pradeep PS:

I along with my parents were made to stay in the hospital together, and underwent intensive sessions of psychotherapy and counseling along with medicines for myself. I was made to realize the harmful effects of addictive substances. I realize that usage of addictive substances can lead to the psychosis with delusions which I experienced.

The intensity of its after effects and the risk factors in using addictive substances are SO HIGH, and I experienced all of it including delusions and inability to think and slowing down of all processes and loss of interest in life and studies. Realizing its effects on the brain I, with the full support of my parents, am able to control my urges and look at life with a new outlook.

The therapy sessions with Dr. Gautham, the counseling sessions with Madam Rajashree, and the assignments that I did along with my parents have made all the points very clear in my mind.

My priorities came back and now I am even more confident than I was before the substances got to me. I have experienced, and continue to experience, gradual but large changes in my thinking, with the treatment.

The hospital is very pleasant, the staff are very kind, and I do not feel that I am in a hospital, though I get bored at times. Each day is better than the previous and the tablets have made all my doubts, and suspicions go away. I am glad I arrived here at this crucial stage in my life.


Vijay Srinevasan:

Dr. Gautham has been a Life Changer for both me and for my family. We have been seeing him for the last 5 years and it is the best thing we have done. The treatments were properly explained and his personal care and attention to issues and the slightest discomforts/details are extremely good. I would definitely recommend Dr. Gautham to anyone who is suffering from Mental / Stress related issues. He is one of the Pioneer in this filed with unmatched experience and expertise.

Sridharan N:

After attending to our Doctor we had a lot of improvement in my mothers health. Doctor takes a lot of care and listens to what we have to say. We are regularly following up with the instructions of our Doctor.

Jai Shankar:

After 6 years searching we find a good doctor Gautham sir. we felt really great to meet you. We came here for treatment of and we got solution from you Sir. I am so much proud Sir. You saved big joint family. By saving one mans life you going to settle our life in peace and prosperity. we are so much thankful to you Sir throughout our life. Now we are in a positive way from your treatment. Thank you very much Sir.

Ramakrishnan Rajamani:

I was under acute depression when I visited Dr. Gautham Das after seeing on line research. Till then, I did not know about him. Once I met and consulted him, I gain confidence everytine I visited him and of course I am now fully alright. It is to be mentioned that he has tken utmost care after knowing that I am a cancer survivor, taken treatment in the year 2008. May god bless him and his family to serve the mankind for many DECADES.

Rajiv T:

The experience was very good.The ailment i was suffering for many months has gone and i feel much better now. i been to many doctors and even shock treatment was given. but no improvement. here i am fine after just first visit. dr. gautham is best.

Balaji Kesavan:

I had sleep problems for about 5 years. I used to get up late in the night and couldn’t get back to sleep. It affected my work and my general interest toward personal and professional life. I also developed heart burn and gastric problems. I consulted many doctors but there was no improvement. I was looking for a permanent cure which was when I came to know about Dr. Gauthamadas. I had got positive reviews about him and decided to give it a chance. I paid a visit to his clinic. I came with an open mind and hope.

My first meeting with the doctor was quite simple. he patiently heard all my complaints for a while. He just smiled and advised me to undergo medication for some time and that he will evaluate periodically. he also suggested I take up brain stimulation. I agreed immediately and started the course on the same day. I continued doing these for about 2 weeks and I was able to realize an improved sleep pattern. I paid regular periodic visits to his clinic for about 3 months and disciplined myself the way the doctor asked me to. On March 21 I had a very good meeting with the doctor. I realized that my sleep problems have indeed stopped and so had my heartburn and gastric problems.

I feel happy and grateful to the doctor for advising me the right set of treatment and for the correct amount of time. I must say that he is really an expert in addressing what is required for the patient. I strongly suggest and recommend him. And, of course, have trust and an open mind. thanks doctor for all your help.


Babu S:

I am an engineer working in MNC. My problem is not getting good sleep at night and feeling sleepy during daytime from my college days onwards. I could not concentrate on work and my performance was getting affected. I tried many remedies and consulted many doctors but my problem continued. Then one day I searched the net and got Dr. Gauthamadas’s contact details and met. He has given me good medicine and treatment. Now my problem is fully solved and I am fine for one year and the medicines have been stopped. I am seeing a very good difference from my first visit to today. I am able to work with my full concentration and performing very well. Thanks to Dr. Gautham for curing my problem with satisfaction.

Krishna Kasarla:

Excellent..!!..I came to Doctor with so much distress, phobia and sleeping issues. Doctor evaluated me and put me on medicines and within few days I started feeling better.Now its been few months and I am totally well with no sleeping problems. My anxiety levels are also down and I am out phobia able to go to shopping and doing well at my work. Thank You..Doctor.

Mohammed Badrudin:

My wife has phobia for past 7 years. we went to many doctors. We couldn’t find a solution for her problem. After we met Dr. Gautham she found relief in 10 days time. We thank Allah to have shown us the right doctor. My wife is fine and happy.

Venkat Subramaniam:

My Life has been remarkably changed after my treatment with Gautham sir,I was not able to manage my intrusive thoughts and now im able to manage it…Im realy Grateful to Gautham sir for giving my life back to normalcy….Im improving in all aspects of life and in my academic side…I like to Quote Gautam Sir as the best psychiatrist in chennai bcz he made right diagnosis and gave right medicine that has completely changed my life by third visit to him…And he did not even take fees bcz i am a student….I like to quote him as my Godfather in giving back my life to me …Importantly he”s serving patients …he”s not just practicing ..Thanks a lot sir

Sivabalan Pandian:

I’m extremely happy that I was fortunate enough to have found Dr. Gautham service at the very onset of my severe anxiety attack. Today, after undergoing a methodical sensory stimulating treatment (subsonic sound with electromagnetic pulse) I find myself a relieved person with no symptoms even after 4 months.

I have found my confidence and thankful to Doctors expertise to have been cured so quickly after mere 11 sessions and that too without any medicine or side effects. And at a very reasonable charge for the complete cure.

Kudos to Dr. Gautham. With this he has earned yet another ardent fan for his expertise. Thanks Doc!


Rajinder Kaur:

I had severe panic attacks and was full of fear and doubt for a long long time. I came here around 20 days back and I have felt & still feeling tremendous change in me. I am so relaxed now and back to normal life. Coming to Dr. Gautham Sir is a blessing for me. I have no words to express my gratitude for all the care and treatment and kindness. Brain stimulation is so relaxing. Madam Rajashree’s counseling is so helpful. Thanks a ton Sir for putting me back on track. May God always bless you.

Jayasimha Rajamackam:

My mother is undergoing treatment for depression for the past six months and thanks to Dr. Gautham Sir for her early recovery. The treatment received from Dr. Sir is of top class. Most the ailments get cured on the way he just speaks to the patients. Thanks very much doctor.

Soundararajan Narasimhan:

When I was suffering from severe mental stress, I had experience of dejection, Severe Stress, Depression, Insecurity, Lack of Self Confidence etc etc. By the grace of almighty, I found out through web your contact. It is amazing and astonishing, I’m 90% recovered and recommending to similar patients for your referral. I am completing 70 on 12th October 2015. I pray to god to give a long and healthy life for my physician to attend me till my survival.


I consulted Dr.Gautham , when I was really, really troubled and worried by unwanted/unreasonable thoughts along with acute migraine as well. Though I have visited other doctors , Dr Gauthams consultation is very different, within a month and half I have become normal , And I no more troubled and worried by unwanted/ unreasonable thoughts, Heartily thanks to Dr Gowtham. And I wish him a long life so that he can cure many more people and bring a Health & Happiness to those families. I very strongly believe that he has Divine touch. Thanks you so much Sir, you mean a lot for us.

Vinodh Kumar:

My mother was suffering from severe headache and other issues for 7-8 years. My family took many efforts and consulted many doctors to cure her. All the efforts ended up in vain. In fact, her condition was better before consulting those doctors. This made my family so worried. Eventually we heard about Dr.Gautham Das from my uncle, who strongly suggested us to consult him. We consulted him. We also took tests and medicines as the doctor suggested. Now its been two years after the treatment started, now she is far better than before and we see a lot of improvement steadily. My family is very thankful to him and we will continue to have treatment with him regularly for my mother.

Niresh S.:

First of all thanks to Dr.Gautham, I was suffering from emotional breakdowns, I realised at some point that it was going like a “loop” or “cyclical”, I tried gym, yoga etc but of no use, then I came across Dr.Gautham from Web and now after starting treatment and after several weeks of follow up no more emotional breakdowns now, mood swings etc., also i feel comfortable now thanks to Dr.Gautham’s Neuro Center.

Selvam S:

When we came here we had no hope. My son was in a pathetic state and no one seemed to be able to help him. We found this clinic though the internet and came here as the last resort. Dr. Gautham listened to us and spoke with my son. He then assured us that he can be helped. We were not too sure but we had no choice and took the treatment given. The result was almost magical. Within a month he was fine. He has now resumed school and is doing well. We thank God for showing us the way to this clinic. The care we receive here is wonderful. I thank Dr. Gautham, and the staff of the clinic who are so kind and understanding.

Poornima Devi:

I have been suffering from depression & anxiety problem for past 2.5 yrs. I tried many doctors but no improvement. I came to Dr. Gautam’s neuro centre and now i’m perfectly alright. He is the best doctor for these kind of neuro issues I have ever seen. Thanks a lot.

Nasrath Ali:

I suffered from depression for 2 years long. I consulted many doctors including homeo. But ended with nothing. After 2 years I met Dr.Gautham..Within one and half month he cured my depression completely. Doctor did 10 brain stimulation therapy for me along with some new medicine. It is very helpful for me to get out from depression and anxiety.

Sri Laxmi:

Hello! I am Srilaxmi. Here i would like to say that doctor has given me a new beautiful life.I can feel the difference through this treatment. All i need is your blessings. Thank God to have shown me the right person at the right time. A problem of many years had been cured in just a few months.

This treatment has made me calm and think clearly about my problem and come over it. Thank You Doctor once again.


Saravana Kumar:

Four years ago I got my first anxiety attack. I consulted various doctors but there was little improvement. I recently Googled to see the best doctor for my treatment. I came across Dr. Gautham’s Neuro Center. Read reviews and found that all the reviews were positive. I decided to meet Dr. Gautham. It’s been a month since my first visit with the doctor and I can see a tremendous change in myself. My thoughts have become controllable. I am continuing the medication as prescribed by the doctor. I would recommend Dr. Gautham’s Neuro Center personally. Finally I found the right doctor. Please continue contributing your valuable service doctor. Thank you.

Shakila Devi:

I came here for my brother’s psychiatric problem of 9 years. Initially he was very worse and kept getting worse in spite of many psychiatric treatment. But gradually after the treatment from sir.gautham , he is gradually improving and his behaviour is much better compared to initial stages. Dr. gautham is the best. Thank you sir.

Christy Iype:

I am here taking medicine for some time with Dr. Gauthamadas for past 6 months and i am very happy that i got very well that all my problems are solved here, after meeting Dr. gauthamadas. He had motivated me in such a way that all my anxiety and worries are nil after taking medicine from here. I thankful to Dr. gauthamadas who is best psychiatrist and has given me a good carreer.

Vinidhini G:

I have been coming here for my brother since last month.

He was treated for last 3 months with other psychiatrists with no improvement. only worse. he was admitted at other hospital but we did not like the jail like treatment. he was given injections and kept sleeping but he did not get better. when i came here in the beginning, I was much worried about my brother health and no hope he will get better. Dr. Gautham was very kind and understanding and gave us assurance. my brother is very difficult and refusing to take treatment. he was admitted by doctor one week ago. the hospital here is very good, the staff very kind and caring. it is not like other hospitals he was in earlier, but very pleasant and he likes to stay here.

after a sequence of medicines, he is so much better. I am more happy and satisfied. now I am sure that we have come to the right place. Now I have hope and awaiting happy days for brother to soon get recovered completely. Heart full thanks to Gautham sir.


Srividhya Venkataraman:

I had come to Dr. Gauthamadas with a major problem for my child suffering from sleeplessness and related symptoms which did not improve with treatment elsewhere. we have been treated extremely well by him and the care which was taken by him make me feel him as a family member of mine and the medicines prescribed were decided very sensitively understanding the patients situation and the intent for which the child has come to him . we feel god and our guru has sent us to the right person and we are indebted to him for ever. love and regards.


Vaibhav Pachauri:

My life has completely changed after meeting Dr Gauthamadas, now i have a better picture of my life ,i embrace my life with much more enthusiasm and confidence , really before meeting him , i had consultation with 2 other psychiatrist in mumbai but same problem continues,but after having first sitting with Dr Gautham i gained my lost hope and having a several round of sitting with him ,i am totally a changed personality, a sense of well being is there, i thank him from bottom of my heart .

Vinoth Kumar:

Thank you doctor. Meeting you changed my life. At first i was afraid to do presentation and i will always feel angry. Now I am very calm and think clearly. also it is great that over nearly 2 years you have gradually reduced and stopped the medicines. I am now able to make presentations and am doing well at work. my personal relations have also improved very much. Thank you Doctor.

Balamurali Krisnamoorthy:

It is easy to relate to the treatment methods of the doctor and derive full benefits in my experiences. There is a very hands-on, personalized approach which i found to work to my benefit.

I have been taking treatment with the doctor for epileptic related attacks and found the treatment very effective and swift in providing the results. The effects of the treatment are also sustained.


Ramachandran Ethiraj:

We had visited many doctors and psychiatrists for my wife but no one could help. Then we found Dr. Gautham. He made everything seem so easy. His medicines have made her completely all right. Her thinking is now completely different and the entire family is now enjoying her new way of interaction. We are all grateful to Dr. Gautham.