Child Adolescent Behaviour

Child & Adolescent Behaviour Management

Dr. Gautham’s Neuro Center serves youngsters from infancy to adolescence and their families for the management of behavioural problems.  

The goals are:

  1. to optimize the developmental potential of children and families by providing the most effective treatment interventions available;
  2. to provide interventions based on the principles of child development and child psychopathology;
  3. to focus on the importance of family involvement in treatment interventions;

Interventions include evaluations for youth from birth to 18 years; evidence-based treatments for anxiety, depression, and disruptive behaviors; psychopharmacological evaluation and management; parenting skills training; and parental education. Interventions are based on empirical evidence, that the family and environment in which children exist play a critical role both in understanding the child’s functioning as well as in planning and implementing interventions.




Initially, a diagnostic evaluation is performed to assess a child’s condition with attention to its psychological, biological, social and environmental components. This may include psychometric analysis, imagimg, or laboratory tests.

Once this is done a comprehensive treatment plan is adopted for the child and family. This may include medication, parental guidance and couselling, and family and education re-engineering.

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