Counselling Positive Psychotherapy

Counselling / Positive-Psychotherapy

Positive Psychotherapy is a healing process that focuses on helping you to overcome distress and develop coping mechanisms while encouraging you to identify, assess, amplify and appeciate your strengths. It is facilitated by a Counselling Psychologist.

It teaches you to employ what is best about yourself to buffer against the challenges that give rise to mental distress.

Positive Psychotherapy, helps you to quickly overcome depression, anxiety, stress, either as stand alone, or in combination with short term medication. It helps you to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms and increase in levels of life satisfaction, gratitude, and happiness.

It helps you to be able to live a fulfilling and satisfying life in spite of your limitations and psychological distress, caused by day-to-day stress of interepersonal issues or job pressure, parental concerns, marital dysharmony, peer conflicts, and broken or strained relationships.