Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is similar to medical tests.

When you visit your doctor for a psysical complaint, he may order X-rays or blood tests to understand what’s causing your symptoms. The results of the tests will help inform him to develop a treatment plan. Psychological testing serves the same purpose. Dr. Gautham may require you to have psychological tests to arrive at a diagnosis and to guide his treatment.

The underlying cause of a person’s problems isn’t always clear. For example, if a child is having trouble in school, does he or she have a reading problem such as dyslexia? An attention problem such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Difficulty with impulse control? Psychological tests and assessments help understand the nature of the problem, and to figure out the best way to go about addressing it.

Children who are experiencing difficulty in school, may undergo tests for learning disabilitiesADHD, IQ etc. Neuropsychological tests can help diagnose damage to the brain, dementia etc. Psychological rests may help identify depressionOCD etc., If a person is having problems at work or school, or in personal relationships, tests can help understand whether he or she might have issues with anger management or interpersonal skills, or certain personality traits that contribute to the problem. Other tests evaluate whether clients are experiencing emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression.


Psychological testing may involve an interview, some questionnairres, and some tests. You may be required to come for as may as four sessions for one single evaluation.

After an evaluation, the results are scored and interpreted and a formal report is sent to Dr. Gautham who may also have a discussion with the clinical psychologist.

The testing, at Doc Gautham’s Neuro Center, is done by a qualified clinical psychologist.

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