Well Being

Well Being

Well being is a complicated construct and refers to a high level of satisfaction with life, and combined with a greater positive affect and little or less negative affect. Positive affect refers to pleasant emotions, moods and feelings.

There are six broad facets associated with optimal psychological functioning that results in well being. Rate yourself on each facet on a scale of 7. (1 -Very low, 2 – Somewhat Low, 3 – Sometimes high and sometimes low, 5 – Somewhat high, 6 – Very High).

Self Acceptance: You have high self-acceptance if, you are pleased with who you are and accept all aspects of yourself, whether they are perceieved as good or bad. You have low self-acceptance, if yiu are often self-critical, confused about your identity, and wish you were different in many respects. See how to develop Self Acceptance.

Positive Relationships: You have positive relationships if, you feel connected, respected, and well-loved; you can share aspects of yourselves with others, experience intimacy, and usually feel secure in your relations. You have poor relationships if, you often feel unappreciated, disrespected, unloved, disconnected, hostile, rejected, or misunderstood; you tend to feel insecure and sometimes alone or distant from others. See how to develop Postive Relationships

Autonomy: You have a hgh levels of autonomy if, you are independent, self-reliant, can think for yourself, do not have a strong need to conform, and don’t worry too much about what others think about yourself. You are low in autonomy if, you feel dependent on others, are constantly worried about the opinions of others, are always looking to others for guidance, and feel strong pressures to conform to others’ desires.

Environmental mastery: You have high environmental mastery if, you feel you have the resources and capacities to cope, adjust and adapt to problems, and are not overwhelmed by stress.  You have a low level of environmental mastery if, you feel powerless to change aspects of your environment (with which you are unsatisfied), and feel you lack the resources to cope, and are frequently stressed or overwhelmed.


Personal Growth: You have a high level of personal growth if, you see yourself as changing in a positive direction, moving toward your potential, becoming more mature, increasing your self-knowledge, and learning new skills. You are low in personal growth if, you feel no sense of change or development, often feel bored and uninterested in life, and lack a sense of improvement over time.