Brain Stimulation

Brain Stimulation, relaxation & stress management

Brain function can be enhanced, tuned and boosted (energized) by  applying weak computerized electrical currents to the head (tDCS) combined with subsonic sound pulses embedded in music (entrainment).

Extensive neuro-physiological experiments have shown evidence that very low strength electrical stimulation (9 volts – just like a camera battery) applied to the head creates a field that changes the voltage across neurons (brain cells) and can control the electrical activity of the brain.


Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is very useful for a variety of disorders such as stress, anxiety, depression etc. It has been shown to be useful in improving certain skills in children with learning disability (read more). A positive aspect to using trans-cranial direct current stimulation is that it can be used in the doctors clinic  while the person is wide awake and fully conscious.

tDCS enhances working memory, and the brain’s ability to temporarily store and manipulate information. It can also help to improve the symptoms of depression. tDCS alters a person’s perception of pain, can be used to treat those suffering from chronic pain.  

Transcranial direct current stimulation has also been used  to improve memory in patients who have Alzheimer’s disease.  tDCS has also been used as a method to reduce craving for smoking, and alcohol.

Is tDCS Electric Shock Treatment?

No. tDCS is NOT shock treatment. Though this may remind you of the more drastic shock therapy (ECT) it is nothing like it.

For one thing ECT gives a person’s brain a giant 240 volt – 600 millamp buzz which causes a seizure (convulsions). tDCS uses a very mild 9 volt current (the equivalent of a camera battery) which is painless and harmless. ECT always requires a person to get anaesthesia to get it. tDCS is delivered in the doctors clinic while you are sitting and fully awake and conscious.

tDCS is absolutely painless, and you do not feel a thing.There is



“Brainwave Entrainment” is the process of changing your brain’s electrical activity (Brain Waves) to match a form of sound or light stimulation.  In order to entrain brain waves, we use computerized  tones embedded in music.

When the brain is stimulated by certain sounds, it produces a corresponding electrical response (changes your brain wave activity to align with that specific stimulus frequency).  For example, an isochronic tone playing at 10 Hz shifts the  brainwave activity to a relaxing 10 Hz Alpha frequency making the person feel more relaxed, comfortable and less stressed.  Beta Brainwave Entrainment frequencies can make you feel more energized. 

We use a combination of tDCS and Brainwave Entrainment to help you:  improve your focus, tap your inner creativity, be more relaxed and less anxious, and even to help you overcome depression, anxiety, and attention-deficit problems.