Caged Mind CO VID Mental Health

Caged-Mind Mental Health Co-Vid & More

A 12 part Video Series in Tamil that deals with all aspects of mental health especially during the CoVid-19 Lock down including stress, depression, anxiety, OCD, diet for mental health, exercise, yoga, parenting, marriage, family dynamics etc.. and more specifically:

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1. role of culture, Genetics, epigenetics, neurotransmitters Dopamine, Endorphin , Serotonin, Norepinenrine,

2. stress as a trigger role of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system in stress,

3. the balance between the above factors and symptoms that indicate that the balance has been upset and mental disorder has set in,

4. lifestyle change, diet, yoga to handle stress and minimize breakdown,

5. role of self help techniques like transaction analysis to minimise interpersonal stress,

6. role of medication and psychotherapy and yoga in treating mental disorders such as depression and anxiety,

7. specific stress on women and children, why women are more  stressed and vulnerable,

8. need for early detection and treatment,

9. correction of misinformation regarding side effects and “addiction potential of medication”,

10. importance of family bonding and supportive parenting for minimizing family triggers,

11. role of social media positives and negatives, 

12. how to utilize internet and media for better education,

13. how to identify visual media “addiction”, internet addiction, porn addiction

14. importance of self learning in education and its role in minimizing stress from school,

15. role of parental expectations in stress and triggering mental disorders in children, and parenting

16. role of expectation in marriage, marital disharmony and stress and importance of this period to clarify expectations and improve marital bond,

17. the relationship between stress and immunity and mental health and immunity

18. role of cytokines and how CoVid causes morbidity and mortality through cytokine storm, 

19. role of  brain and mind in boosting immunity, foods that boost mental health

20. role of SSRIs specifically Fluvoxamine in preventing / combating cytokine storm by CoVid,  

21. tips to handle stress and make best use of lockdown period to evolve a life style and interpersonal relationships for minimizing stress and triggers,

22. how to identify mental disorders early, depression, anxiety, stess, OCD

23. need and importance of treatment,

24. role and importance of self discipline, and civic sense and techniques, learned through the series and practised during lockdown, in maintaining mental health balance post lockdown